Simulcast done right

Velocicast is engineered by professionals who have served the auction industry for years helping physical auctions function in a virtual world. We understand your pain points. We know the industry. We innovate.
Velocicast is Simulcast Done Right.

What makes Velocicast Simulcast Done Right?


Terms like “cloud-based”, “high availability”, and “multi-platform” are marketing-jargon used to convey a sense of technical precision. With Velocicast those words simply mean it always works the way you expect on any device with the features you want. It’s just better.

Lower total cost of ownership

Every simulcast requires you to pay a recurring fee, but what is the real cost of wasting time with klunky technical problems in front of an important consignor on sale day? Velocicast lowers or eliminates costs by being reliable and easier to use with features designed to prevent costly human errors.

Better user experience

Can your simulcast allow a user to research other vehicles in a sale while still allowing them to bid on multiple lanes? Are the bidder’s notes prominently displayed on the vehicle details? Velocicast is packed with these and many more well-designed features while remaining simple and intuitive.

Easy to use Clerk screen

Chat with reps! Record the sale! Change the bid increment! Help the auctioneer! Keep the sale moving! Find that vehicle! Answer a question! How do you wrap your arms around the many things a clerk facilitates during a sale? You do it with a meticulously designed clerk screen that puts the most important features front-and-center and then gets out of the way. Velocicast brings order, structure, and flexibility to the frenzy of a sale day.

Powerful Bidding screen

Research vehicles, bid on multiple lanes, and rep your cars from a single interface. No other simulcast solution has so much to offer. Bidders can record notes on a vehicle that will prominently show as part of the details page when it comes up for bid. Our bid client is fully integrated with Auction Genius™, so you have all of the best tools ready for sale day.

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Can you afford to not know why Velocicast is Simulcast Done Right? Before you renew your simulcast contract, make sure you are making an informed decision. Contact us for a free demo today.