In 2005, two brothers were approached to design and create AuctionPipeline.com. Today that site is known as EdgePipeline.com, the independent auto auction’s premiere resale marketplace. During the last 10 years, as they worked in the industry, the brothers learned a lot about auctions, their needs, and the pain points the auctions have running a physical sale in a virtual world.

In 2012 Auction Edge was born, combining many of the top-tier industry technologies under a single umbrella. As a result of this consolidation, the brothers were asked to assume a more minor role in the edgepipeline.com web site. They were left asking themselves, how do we leverage our knowledge of this industry to impact it in major way?

Simulcast is a tough thing to do. It is an even tougher thing to do right. The brothers watched the auctions struggle for years to get their arms around this new technology and watched the simulcast providers struggle to meet the auction’s needs in a meaningful way. In 2010 the brothers started experimenting with technologies to see if they could build a simulcast system of their own. They learned a lot watching the simulcast providers and their successes and mistakes.

In 2014, after years of tinkering and observing, the brothers decided it was time for the industry to have a next generation simulcast solution that was positioned to leapfrog the rest of the simulcast offerings. Better technology, better user experience, more competitive pricing, more customizable, more reliable, with tighter industry relationships and knowledge. These are the pillars of the Velocicast simulcast vision. Today that vision has become a reality.

Wecome to Velocicast - “Simulcast done right!”

-Scott and Brad Suchomel